The newest levels for Jump 'n Bump

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Now, you can make your own levels for Jump 'n Bump.
If you make a level, post it on our messageboard. Here are the levels that we recieved before the messageboard system. Download them and play.

Having problems running these cool levels?
Don't fear, we have a very nice tutorial for you!

***Note: The game may not run well on some monitors. The picture might get all distorted and the colors wrong. This is most noticeable on the custom levels (don't ask me why).
by: Dan Goodale
EVERYTHING'S FLOWERS!!! The rabbit guts, the dust, and even the spring!!!
Download (371 kb)
Topsy Turvey
by: Ryan Propst
Experience the wonderful Jump n' Bump world... upside-down!
Download (227 kb)
by: vAPULa
Download (241 kb)
by: vAPULa
Waterfilled industrialroom
Download (234 kb)
Star Trek
by: Tim Conway
This is a star-trek level for any trekkies out there.
Download (229 kb)
by: Sebastian Ostman
This Level Called Brainc~1. It's My First Level And Because I Like BCD So Much. I Done This Level Whith All Logos I'v Found On The Games They Have !
Download (505 kb)
by: Neil London(Neilx)
Made by dumpin paint into a graph.
Download (212 kb)
by: Neil London
Mountain scape taken from some website.
Download (246 kb)
Night Spring
by: Neil London
Mostly Springs.
Download (212 kb)
Haunted House
by: Neil London
Their killer zombie bunny rabbits and there out for proto-blood! Didn't even edit the GOBs, just played around til I got it right.
Download (408 kb)
Spike Room
by: Dan Goodale
I decided to make a gory level because, the bloodier and violent the game is, the funner it is!
Download (275 kb)
House of Pain
Look out for the secret passages.....
Download (217 kb)
by: Ryan Propst
Where's da rabbit??
Download (438 kb)
by: Viscia
This is my first Jump & Bump Level, completed December 8, 1999, based on the main level music.
Download (367 kb)
Castle Camalott
by: Ryan Propst
Yes, our little Jump 'n Bump friends have been jumping and bumping since Medieval times.
Download (420 kb)
In the Sky
by: Ken Liao
Lots of action. Die the floating islands red.
Download (351 kb)
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